Asuraman (アシュラマン) is a fictional character who made several appearances during the superhuman wrestling manga Kinnikuman. He had six arms and three interchangeable faces. He was also a prince from the Demon Realm. He is named after the Hindu-Buddhist warlike deities, the Asura (阿修羅 Ashura) and also after wrestler Ashura Hara. He is voiced by Daisuke Gori (Ken Yamaguchi in Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne).



Asura Buster (阿修羅バスター)
Asuraman performs a standard Kinniku Buster but uses his extra arms to also grab the opponent's arms and thighs, creating a tighter hold.
  • Improved Asura Buster (改良阿修羅バスター, Kyourai Ashura Basutā)
Instead of doing a standard Kinniku Buster hold, Asuraman grabs his opponent's arms and legs and then uses his third pair of hands to hold their head on top of the spike on his head.
  • Ultimate Asura Buster (アルティメット・阿修羅バスター)
Based on Scarface's Ultimate Scar Buster. While performing a regular Asura Buster, Asuraman grabs the opponent's neck with his legs.
Tornado Hell (竜巻地獄, Tatsumaki Jigoku)
Asuraman holds all six of his arms up to one side and then throws them down to the other, sending a small tornado towards his opponent.
Water Rope (ウォーターロープ)
Asura Torpedo (阿修羅魚雷, Ashura Gyorai)
Asuraman jumps onto the ropes and launches his body horizontally at his opponent.
Snowflake Great Blooming (雪花大輪咲き, Sekka Dairin Zaki)
In the anime it is called Rain Flower Great Blooming (雨の花・大輪咲き Ame no Hana Dairin Zaki).
Triple Body Slam (トリプル・ボディースラム)
Hell's Canvas (地獄のキャンバス Jigoku no Kyanbasu)
Asura Izuna Drop (阿修羅稲綱落とし, Ashura Izuna Otoshi)
Asuraman throws the enemy in the air, then he jumps in the air then stands on the enemy's feet with his knees and smashes the enemy into the mat.
Asura Infinite Power (阿修羅(むげんだい)パワー, Ashura Mugendai Pawaa)
Asuraman's power-up technique.
Asura Lotus Strike (阿修羅・蓮華打ち Ashura Renge Uchi)
Asura Six Realms Lotus (阿修羅六道蓮華 Ashura Rikudō Renge)
Asura Vajra Entanglement (阿修羅金剛絡み, Ashura Kongō Karami)
A Kinnikuman Nisei technique.
Paramita Lariat (波羅密多ラリアット Haramitta Rariatto)
A Kinnikuman Nisei technique. Asuraman entwines all three arms on one side into one giant arm and performs a powerful lariat on his opponent.
Nirvana Twist (涅槃ツイスト, Nehan Tsuisuto)
A Kinnikuman Nisei technique.
Makai OLAP (魔界鳴辣封(オラップ))
Hell's Guillotine (地獄の断頭台 Jigoku no Dantōdai)
Akuma Shogun's technique. After grabbing his opponent, Asuraman spins around rapidly so that the opponent is lifted off of his feet. Then, he releases the hold, sending them skyward, and jumps up after them. From there, he can finish the move by either placing a knee or shin against his opponent's neck as they descend in a guillotine-like position. Causes severe damage to the neck.
One Moment Three Thousand Chops (一念三千手刀 Ichinen Senzen Tegatana)
Mandala Arm (曼荼羅腕 Mandara Ude)
Head Size Change (頭寸尺変え Atama Sunshaku Kae)
Angry Suplex (アングリースープレックス)

Uses all six arms to combine a neck hanging and double-arm suplex.


Golden Mask Arc

Asuraman, with his distinctive six arms and three faces, initially appeared as one of the Devil Knights, Akuma Choujin who stole the sacred Golden Mask of the Kinniku Clan. He first fought Terryman in the Five Story Ring battles inside Warsman's unconscious body. In this fight he introduced a new version of the Kinniku Buster: the Asura Buster. If Terry were to have gone through even one Asura Buster, his body would've been pulled apart. Luckily, Kinnikuman jumped into the ring and cushioned the blow. Terry then broke off Asuraman's top two arms, causing his own arms to be on the verge of falling off. It is here that Asuraman reveals his ability to regenerate his arms by stealing the arms of others. As soon as Terry's arms fell off, they appeared on Asuraman. He tired a second Asura Buster on Terry, but Geronimo's tomohawk's (protruding through the ring above for Terry to grab) and Buffaloman's arms (which suddenly appeared on Terry) put a stop to it. The fight eventually went out of the ring and, after Terry restarted Warsman's heart, they scramble to make it back to the ring before being counted out. With his last ounce of strength, Terry used Buffaloman's arms to stop Asuraman from reentering the ring, causing the match to end in a double count-out. Because of this, he was the sole surviving Devil Knight when Akuma Shogun was revived, and when they both left Warsman's body, Asuraman engages Kinnikuman soon afterwards, and was soon defeated by an incomplete Kinniku Driver. As punishment for his defeat, Akuma Shogun decapitates Asuraman with his sword, and Asuraman merges with his master's being like the others.

Dream Choujin Tag Arc

Asuraman, as a part of the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo with Sunshine, takes part to the Dream Chojin Tag Tournament. The two demons, last survivors of the Golden Mask Arc concoct a plan to steal the Friendship Power of the Seigi Chojin by using some cursed dolls.

They manage to steal the very emotion of friendship among the Seigi Chojin, greatly weakening them, as a Seigi Chojin can't fight without friendship in his heart.

As such, Asuraman and Sunshine are able to beat effortlessly the Big Bombers and the New Machineguns, in the process turning the former friends Kinnikuman and Terryman against each other.

While during the fight against the New Machineguns Sunshine begins to believe in the power of friendship, Asuraman keeps holding to his ideal as an uncaring, evil fiend, and by observing how the attempts made by Kinnikuman and Kinnikuman Great to save Geronimo and Terryman ended up in their cursed doll being broken, he claims the breaks are parts of a profecy, and uses Sunshine's Cursed Roller to injure his foes where the dolls were broken: Geronimo ends up with a badly shattered right arm, and Terryman is forced to surrender his Star Emblems, or get Geronimo killed and himself decapitated.

The provecy comes to pass in a roundabout way: Prince Kamehame, the former Kinnikuman Great, succumbs because of the strain of helping the New Machineguns and decapitates Terryman, giving him the Kinnikuman Great to allow him fight with Kinnikuman even if he lacks the Star Emblems and Kinnikuman now despises him.

During the fight between the Muscle Brothers and the Stray Akuma Chojin Combo Asuraman is exposed to the Friendship power: he witnesses Kinnikuman and Terryman starting to mend their friendship, and sees Sunshine caring for him and even apologizing when the Cursed Roller ends up tearing off his prized right arms.

Asuraman tries to still act cold and uncaring, but when Prince Kamehame's arm, who used as a replacement, rebels to his will and leads to his defeat, starts believing in Friendship too, sharing with Sunshine the memories of Samson Teacher

He's then taken back to his kingdom to be healed, but escapes, still bandaged, to restore Terryman's Star Emblem and ask Harabote Muscle to reinstate The Machineguns as a team and allow them to fight together against the Hell Missionnaires.

In the Hell Kingdom, his mother rationalizes his discovery of friendship by claiming Asuraman found the Perfect Chojin a better target for his hatred than the Seigi Chojin.

Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne

Asuraman appeared again, reformed, as a member of Kinnikuman Soldier's team during the survivor series to determine the new ruler of planet Kinniku. He fights his former trainer Samson Teacher, now Satan Cross, to avenge his friend The Ninja and ended the match in a draw, and watched as the remaining team members were defeated by Super Phoenix and his men in the Cube Match, leaving him the sole survivor. Later, when he and Kinnikuman's team ventured to the final arena, Super Phoenix activated a spiked ceiling trap to kill them all. However, Asuraman sacrificed himself by holding the ceiling up long enough for Team Kinnikuman to escape, and was impaled. He was later revived by Suguru's Face Flash along with the rest of Kinnikuman Soldier's team.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Soon after the conclusion of the Survival Match, Asuraman got married to his wife Ivonne, and they had a son, Shiva. From his birth, Asuraman trained Shiva to be a Seigi Chojin, but all of that changed


Sunshine and Asuraman's reunion

when Shiva accidentally discovered his father's past as an Akuma Chojin, wakening his dark side. This ultimately led to Shiva killing his own mother, and Asuraman killing his son in pure grief. As a result of this, he returned to his ways as an Akuma Chojin and joined General Terror and the Demon Seeds, splitting Meat into 6 parts and holding him hostage; in order to recover a body part, a Seigi Chojin must defeat one of the Akuma Chojin. After 4 of the Demon Seeds were defeated by their Seigi Chojin counterparts, Asuraman reveals himself and engages Mantaro and Kevin Mask in a tag team match alongside fellow Demon Seed VoltMan. After both Kevin and Voltman died, Asuraman fights Mantaro, but was eventually defeated. When General Terror tried to revive himself anyway with Meat's final part, his head, Asuraman surprisingly stopped the ritual, stating that even in battle, Seigi and Akuma Chojin must accept the agreements of their fight. As punishment, General Terror takes away Asuraman's youth and turns him into a withered old man. Asuraman was soon helped out of the Demon's Womb by Sunshine.

Career Information

  • Family: Shiva (son, deceased), Ivonne (wife, deceased), Unnamed parents
  • Laugh: Ka~KaKaKa (カーカカカ)
  • Blood Type: A
  • Submitted by: Yoshida of Hyōgo and Nakata of Ishikawa
  • Theme Song: "Asura Hell (阿修羅地獄, Ashura Jigoku)" by Gakuro (feat. Daisuke Gori as Asuraman)
  • Chojin Lumberjack Champion
  • Zangyaku Chojin Heavyweight
  • Akuma Chojin Carnival Champion ('79)
  • 2nd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (9th Place)
  • 3rd Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (5th Place)
  • 4th Kinnikuman Popularity Contest (10th Place)
  • One of the Six Devil Knights
  • Chojin Blood Oath Army - Second Guard
  • Demon Seed No. 6
  • Demon Realm Prince
  • Shooting Machine
  • Mimicry Fiend
  • Legendary Strongest Akuma Chojin
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