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Atlantis (アトランティス) was an Archerfish-like choujin who had mental control over liquid and became stronger when he fought underwater. He first fought Robin Mask and gained the upper hand, killing his opponent when he lured Robin underwater by throwing Meat's body part into the lake on which the ring floated. He did a number on Kinnikuman as well, but ultimately Kin defeated him. He was one of the choujin to escape from Hell and be retrieved by The Omegaman.

  • One of the 7 Devil Choujins
Win/Loss Record


Water Magnum (ウォーターマグナム)
An Archerfish-like high-pressure water cannon from his mouth.
Water Ball (ウォーターボール)
Atlantis Driver (アトランティスドライバー)
Devil Necromancy Blood Bind (悪魔霊術血縛り Akuma Reijutsu Chi Shibari)
The blood of the fallen Devil Chojin (Stereo Cassette King, Black Hole, The Mountain, and Mister Khamen) on Kinnikuman's body cause their spirits to revive and hold him in place while Atlantis attacks him.
Mt. Saint Helens Eruption (水芸セントヘレンズ大噴火 Mizugei Sento Herenzu Dai Funka)
Atlantis Mist (アトランティスミスト)
Neck Cut Drop Kick (ネックカットドロップキック)
Tower Bridge (タワーブリッジ)

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