Invincible Body Báilóng (不死身胴 白龍 Fujimidō Byakuryū) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman. He was voiced by Koji Totani.


The 2nd of the Chikinmon San Akunin and a user of a Flying guillotine. Master of the secret Bugimen Seizou Jutsu (武器男(ブギーマン)製造術, Bogeyman Creation Technique). In order to develop the Bogeymen in his cave, he kidnaps the young Knowledge Monks of the Choujin Kenpo Temple. He is able to defeat Victory Ramenman's Sousei Mouko Ken, but with the help of Munta's willpower Ramenman is able to defeat him with the Kyouryoku Mouko Ken. However, he survives this with just an injured shoulder. He uses his son Annin to spy on Ramenman and is able to create an exact duplicate of Ramenman's left arm. With this arm he releases the Koutetsu Mouko Ken (鋼鉄猛虎拳, Fierce Steel Tiger Fist) and almost defeats Ramenman, but Ramenman uses the Mouko Hyappo Ken to tear off Bailong's left arm and defeats him with the Daketsu Santen Kuzushi. However, he spares him and lets him live for the sake of his son.

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