Buki boy using his dazzling eyes

  • Name: Buki Boy (ブキボーイ)
  • Classification: Zangyaku Chōjin
  • Homeland: Brazil Flag of Brazil
  • Fighting Style: Great Taijutsu (グレート躰術)
  • Trademark Techniques: Weapon Thunder Hammer Drop (武器・雷槌落とし Buki Ikazuchi Otoshi), Bewitching Eyelids (幻惑瞼 Genwaku Manabuta), Choking Sleeper
  • First Appearance: Muscle Returns
A very powerful Chōjin who bursts onto the scene and easily takes out Warsman, Terryman, and Buffaloman. He is the master of Great Taijutsu, a martial art brought to Brazil from Japan 130 years prior. He is eventually defeated by Kinnikuman.

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