Kinnikuman Manga

The highest level of canon is the original Kinnikuman manga by Yudetamago, published in Weekly Shonen Jump. This shows the original story by the creator's themselves. It's because of this that all information found in the manga is canon unless stated otherwise.

It should be noted that, since it was originally a gag manga, there are contradictions early on. There are other examples later on in the manga, such as the absence of Terryman's prosthetic leg, which had plagued him during the American Tour Arc. Another example is that in the Seven Akuma Choujin Arc, characters such as Puri-Puri Man, Mister American, and others were present only to be switched with The Mountain, SteCase King, and Mister Khamen. For these, only assumptions can be made at best.

Okamaras and Eragines Chapters

Before Kinnikuman began serialization, there was a two-part pilot manga. In the first, he fights Okamaras and in the second Eragines. These stories portray a radically different origin for Kinnikuman and thus should not be considered canon.

Muscle Returns

A failed pilot intent on reviving the Kinnikuman franchise, this story contains several elements that flat out contradict Kinnikuman Nisei such as Kevin Mask and Kuan appearing before they should have been born. Even though it is contained in Kinnikuman vol. 37, it should not be considered canon.

Kinnikuman Nisei Manga

The Kinnikuman Nisei manga, also by Yudetamago is part of the main canon as it is the continuation of their main work. Again, all information, unless stated otherwise, is canon.

Kinnikuman Nisei ~All Choujin Dai Shingeki~

This was an official manga spinoff series by Yudetamago aimed at children (as opposed to the adult audience of Nisei). In some places, especially early on, it conflicts with Nisei canon. In those instances, it's probably best to assume the regular Nisei title is canon. Otherwise, canon.

Kochikame 30th anniversary manga

For the 30th anniversary of Kochi-Kame, the longest running manga to date, a special manga was made in which the characters of Kinnikuman interact with the characters of Kochi-Kame. This story, being a crossover, is considered Non-Canon.


Kinnikuman Anime

The anime, while adapting the manga fairly well, also has many changes to it. For example, Bibinba, who plays Kinnikuman's love interest, is replaced by Mari in the anime. Other background characters, such as Nakano and Gobugari (Akaiwa in the manga) are given longer scenes. Some of the dramatic tones are taken out and exchanged with more unnecessary comedy. It is because of this that the anime does not occur in the same canon as the manga, instead having its own.

Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne

The second anime series, Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne, also takes place in the same timeline as the first series but keeps more of the dramatic effects, toning down the comedy originally in the first anime series. It seems to ignore the two filler arcs. (Psycho Chojin and Gokuaku Chojin)

Kinnikuman Nisei

The Kinnikuman Nisei anime, while it has some changes to it, follows the manga more closely than it's predecessors. Some of the previous series' changes have been retained (like Rikishiman) and others have not. Classic characters generally use the manga's color schemes and not the anime's.

Movies, etc...

During its run the Kinnikuman anime was able to run 7 movies and a TV special. While, all the movies have a relative time period they take place in, they contain contradictions to the series and are thus not in the same status as the anime. It should be noted that the TV special and second movie are adaption of parts of the 2nd Kaijuu Extermination Arc, albeit with some differences to them. As well, the fourth movie was adapted from the side-story Robin Memo. Both Kinnikuman Nisei movies and the Tatakae!! Ramenman movie fall under this same category.


Fan Fiction

Obviously, no fan fiction takes place in ANY canonical timeline and thus is not placed on the wiki.


Because of the numerous versions of the series, the following are possible timelines that are present in Kinnikuman.

Manga Timeline

  • Kinnikuman: The Early Years (one-shot)
  • Kinnikuman Manga
  • Robin Memo (one-shot)
  • Kinnikuman Nisei Manga and Kinnikuman Nisei: All Choujin Dai Shingeki

Anime Timeline

  • Kinnikuman Anime
  • Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne
  • Kinnikuman Nisei Anime
  • Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle
  • Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle 2

Ultimate Muscle

The English dub of Kinnikuman Nisei, Ultimate Muscle, changes character's names, backgrounds, and overall attitudes. It is because of this that it should not be taken completely seriously and is Non-Canon with the main series. It should be noted, however, that because of the popularity of Ultimate Muscle in the USA, The remainder of the 22nd Choujin Olympics was animated in the form of Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muslce & Kinnikuman Nisei: Ultimate Muscle 2.

Why Canon?

Similar to that of the One Piece Wiki, only manga information will be included in the character bios.This is to avoid confusion and to help readers know the full pure story of Kinnikuman.

If you create a page that is from the filler arc, one must categorize it in one of the filler categories. When a canon character has a filler alternation, it'll be in a separate section.

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