Chén Zōngmíng (陳宗明, Chin Sōmei) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman and Victory Ramenman's master. He was voiced by Ichirō Nagai.


Ramenman's master and the 102nd successor of Chojin Kung-Fu. Taught Ramenman the Touryuu Gokui Sho. Often referred to as Chén Lǎoshī (陳老師 Chin Rōshi). He shows up again from time-to-time, sometimes out of nowhere or from unusual places (frequently startling Ramenman in the process). In his younger days, he traveled the land exterminating villains. In the anime it is established that his master is Tianshan (天山 Tenzan).



  • Chen Family Mind 8 Fists - Dragon-Phoenix Bamboo-copter (陳家心意八合拳・龍鳳竹敦棒, Chinke Shin'i Hachigō Ken - Ryūhō Taketonbō)
  • Vine Uprooting Kick (芋蔓引抜脚, Imozura Hikinuki Kyaku)
  • Dogi Dragon-Phoenix Blade (胴着竜鳳刀, Dōgi Ryūhō Tō)


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