Chōjin (超人, Supermen) is the Japanese word for Supermen. It is also the name of a fictional race

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Various chojins

from Yudetamago's manga and anime series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei. This article focuses on the latter meaning.


Chōjin are people whose abilities far surpass that of normal humans. Most, like Kinnikuman and Terryman, were born with these abilities while some, like Geronimo and the Brocken Clan achieved it through special means. Most of them reside on Earth. In earlier chapters they were known as Super Heroes (スーパーヒーロー), but it was changed to Chōjin after the first Chojin Olympics.

In Nisei, the Zangyaku, Akuma, Perfect, and Jikan Chōjin are collectively referred to as Akugyō Chōjin (悪行超人, Evil Supermen).

There are also anime and movie original Chōjin such as the Goku'aku Chojin, Kakure Chojin, and the Senshi Chōjin.

Main Chojin Classifications

Seigi Chojin

Seigi Chojin (正義超人, Justice Supermen) are Chojin who use their powers for the sake of justice, mainly battling Kaijuu in earlier chapters. There are said to be 1,000 of them on Earth.

Particularly popular Seigi Chojin are referred to as Idol Chojin (Kinnikuman, Terryman, Robin Mask, Ramenman, Warsman, Buffaloman, Geronimo, Brocken Jr., Wolfman, Asuraman, Neptuneman).

Friendship is absolute for Seigi Chojins, and if for some reason a crack begins to appear in their friendship the ancient Iron Sweat (アイアン・スエット) begins to flow from their bodies. It continues to flow and weigh them down until their friendship is restored.

Zangyaku Chojin

Zangyaku Chojin (残虐超人, Brutal Supermen) are Chojin who fight brutally and kill their opponents for their own amusement. They are basicallly Seigi Chojins gone bad, and are even allowed to compete in the Chojin Olympics. Later on, they are divided between those who aid the Seigi Chojins (Seigi no Zangyaku Chojin (正義の残虐超人, "Good" Brutal Supermen). This includes Ramenman, Ilioukhine, Warsman, Kinkotsuman, and others. Although very brutal after entering the ring, they are essentially Seigi Chojins) and those who oppose them (Aku no Zangyaku Chojin (悪の残虐超人, "Evil" Brutal Supermen), this include the entire True Team Soldier, Shimaou, and others. They mostly appear in the sequel series).

Akuma Chojin

Akuma Chojin (悪魔超人, Demon Supermen) are Chojin who have sold their bodies, minds, and blood to demons, and fight under the control of Great Demon King Satan (大魔王サタン, Daimaō Satan). To them, winning means killing your opponent and losing means "death". Ex: Buffaloman, Springman, Asuraman, etc.

Originally the Zangyaku Chojin were included with the Akuma Chojin, but this was later changed.

Perfect Chojin

Perfect Chojin (完璧超人) (Read as Kanpeki Chojin in the first anime, Kanpeki being the non-ateji reading of the character 完璧) are Chojin who were so strong that nobody in this world could oppose them, so they exiled themselves to the heavens. There they sparred with each other for thousands of years, transcending emotions and gaining power that rivaled the gods. They follow many strict rules, such as "Never use weapons", "Never show your back to an enemy", and "Defeat is absolutely inexcusable". Ex: Neptuneman, Neptune King, Seiuchin, etc.

Five Fated Princes

The Five Fated Princes (運命の五王子, Unmei no Go Ouji) are five Chojin who are successorship candidates for the Planet Kinniku Throne and are being controlled by the Evil Chojin Gods. Because the possess the powers of a god, each one has a Chojin Kyodo of 100,000,000 Power. Ex: Super Phoenix, Zebra, Big Body, Mariposa, Soldier.

Most of the Chojin who compete on the Five Fated Prince's teams are never classified as a specific Chojin. Some exceptions are Team Phoenix's The Omegaman (Perfect Chojin), Team Phoenix's Satan Cross, (Akuma Chojin), and the members of the True Team Soldier (Zangyaku Chojin).

Jikan Chojin

Jikan Chojin (時間超人, Time Supermen) are mysterious Chojin whose true identities are unknown. A mutated breed of Akugyou Chojin, they have revealed themselves to Meat and the others, but their origin and background is still unknown. When the Majikaku (魔時角, Demonic Time Horn) that sprout from their heads are broken off, they gain the ability to travel a single period of time from within their own lifetimes. At present, only Thunder and Lightning have appeared (although it has been hinted that Chaos may be one as well). They also have the ability to transform parts of their bodies into pieces of a clock (bells, minute hands, etc.), but whether this is an ability exclusive to the Jikan Chojin is unknown.

Classified by Physical Features, Jobs, etc


Jinrui-type no Chojin

Dobutsu-gata Chojin

Uchujin-gata Chojin

Robo Chojin

Kikai Chojin

Keshin Chojin


Masked Men are, as the name implies, supermen who where maskes as part of their costume, or to conceal their identity. Some Chojin, like Kinnikuman and Robin Mask, have been masked snce birth or childhood as part of a family tradition. While others, like Neptuneman are masked to impower themselves.

Yohei Chojin

Yōhei Chōjin (傭兵超人, Mercenary Supermen) are, as their name implies, Chojin who work as mercenaries. The only confirmed one is The Hawkman, however Team Zebra member Parthenon, who had only joined with Zebra for money and a cabinet position, could possibly be one as well.