• Name: Clioneman (クリオネマン Морской ангелмен) / Hydrozoa
  • Classification: Seigi Chojin
  • Homeland: Flag of Russia.svg Russia
  • Height: 230 cm
  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 1,070,000 Power
  • Favorite Techniques: Solar Energy Heat, Xyz Crush
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter 29 (disguised), 30
  • Seiyu: Takurō Takasaki (Dan Green, dub)

He is based on the clione.


Xyz Crush (x・y・z(エグザイズ)クラッシュ)
Clioneman absorbs the opponent and uses his spine and ribs to hold them before driving their heads into the canvas or the ring post.
Solar Energy Heat (ソーラーエナジーヒート)
Convex Lens Body (コンベックス・レンズ・ボディ)
Clioneman turns his body into a magnifying glass and uses the suns energy as a super heated beam.
Jelly Body (ゼリーボディ)
Jelly Body Impact (ゼリー・ボディ・インパクト)
Clioneman stretches his Jelly Body so that he can wrap it around his opponent in bizarre form of submission hold.
Jelly Hand (ゼリーハンド)
Clioneman can use this technique to stretch his hand out for either attacking or supportive purposes.
Big Fish Bone (ビッグ・フィッシュ・ボーン)
Clioneman's vertebrae and ribs appear and enclose his opponent, puncturing them in the process. This is the set up for the xyz Crash. It is important to note that he uses this technique along with his knowledge of acupuncture to reduce bleeding.
Ice Shield (アイス・シェルド)
He turns his right arm into a shield of ice.
Ice Sword (アイス・ソード)
He turns his right arm into a sword of ice.
Ice Breath (アイス・ブレス)
Clioneman breathes freezing air out to freeze the opponent.
Double Heel Drop (ダブル・カカトオトシ, Daburu Kakato Otoshi)
Clioneman performs a front flip, ending with both of his heels kicking his opponent.
Squid Shot
Clioneman turns into a giant squid and stabs the beak of the squid into his opponent.
Jellyfish Drop (水母(クラゲ)落し, Kurage Otoshi)
Clioneman turns into a jellyfish and, after delivering a flurry of kicks with his tendrils, drops to the ground with his opponent under him. Against Mantaro he ended the drop by turning back into his regular form and using a leg drop.
Star Dust Shell (スター・ダスト・シェル)
After his Convex Lens Body is shattered, Clioneman transforms the broken shards into spiral conch shells that can pierce his opponent as they fall.


HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc

Clioneman joins the Hercules Factory along with Jade, Scarface, and Dead Signal as a second year student. For his graduation match he fought and defeated Wolfman in under five minutes. He and the others are then pitted against Mantaro Kinniku and the other First Years in a Replacement Tournament, with the losing class being sent back to the Hercules Factory for more training while the winning class stays and protects Japan. At the match drawing, Clioneman is pitted against Seiuchin. They battle on the foot of Hercules, surrounded by a lake. As the fight starts Seiuchin has the advantage until it's revealed that Clioneman was just testing Seichin's strength. He transforms his arm into an ice shield then a sword and pierces Seiuchin's foot. He then sucks him in to his Jelly Body and repeatedly punches himself doing more damage to Seiuchin inside. Clioneman then jumps skyward and slams Seiuchin's face into the turnbuckle using his Xyz Crash. Seiuchin's mom throws a fish into Clioneman's body allowing Seiuchin to escape. Clione expands his body into his aqua lens and attempts to burn Seiuchin alive. But only sets him on fire when he attempts to burn junior high kids attempting to help Seiuchin who he then tricks to run inside his Jelly Body and punctures him with his vertabreaker. Even though Seiuchin is pretty much beat up, Clioneman jumps skyward again and executes another Xyz Crash. He taunts Seiuchin by saying, "here's the outside world you thirsted for, sir" who he then drops off the Sole of Hercules, being named the winner for this match.

During a ceremony, Clioneman, along with Mantaro, Jade, and Scarface, are all introduced as the semi-finalists, appearing inside action figure packaging (with the exception of Jade, who is absent). Clione is the first to come out of his package and take his seat. Mantaro, being the only from his team to make it, attempts to team up with one of the other guys, but Clione coldly refuses.

On the day of the semi-finals, Clione is pitted against Mantaro. He arrives at the ring in a floating block of ice, which he breaks out of. Their fight begins with the two of them charging at each other. Mantaro goes low and puts Clione in a menacing bear hug. Clione Man screams in agony, and then, as if it were an act, he slips out and jumps into the air for a Jelly Body Attack. He opens up his body and falls to engulf Mantaro, but he is repelled and Mantaro uses the opportunity to reverse suplex him on to the top of his head. It is also revealed that Mantaro is immune to water attacks due to not showering for months, (even though he should be wet due to swimming his way to the ring, which should've made Mantaro wet) and so Clione's techniques hardly affect Mantaro. Mantaro puts Clione in a Scorpion Lock. Clione manages to break free and send a drop kick on Mantaro, sending Mantaro flying over the ropes, but his foot gets caught in one. Clione morphs his arms into blades and cuts the ropes,sending Mantaro to fall in the water below. Clione brings a soaking Mantaro back to the ring, and Clione now has the advantage, as he can absorb Mantaro now that he's wet. With Mantaro trapped inside Clione, Clione begins pounding on him, until Mantaro pisses himself. Disgusted, Clione throws Mantaro out of him. Mantaro puts Clione in a headlock, launches into the air and slams Crione's head into the top of the ring post (Stone Cold Steiner), as Crione did to Seiuchin with the XYZ Crash. Clione falls into the water. As Mantaro does his victory dance, Clione emerges from the water. He has morphed himself into a giant squid, and spears Mantaro in the gut. Clione morphs into his magnifying glass form, and erupts Mantaro in flames. Mantaro jumps into the ocean to douse the flames. As Mantaro returns, he is covered in octopi that strangely look like him, and has the octopi spray ink all over Clione's magnifying glass. After Mantaro banters about how smart he is, he sends a strong kick to the lens, breaking it to pieces. Mantaro tells Clione that he is going to defeat him and avenge his friends.

Clione morphs the shards into sea shells and uses them as projectiles to fire at Mantaro. Clione then morphs into a giant jellyfish and uses his tentacles to slam Mantaro around. Clione laughs at everyone's attempts to cheer Mantaro on, saying that their support is useless. Clione throws Mantaro into the water and freezes it with his breath, trapping Mantaro inside a large chunk of ice. Clione sucks the frozen Mantaro into his body, sinking Mantaro into unconsciousness. Mantaro eventually awakens due to the support from his friends, but Clione traps Mantaro with his rib cage. Another octopi appears on Mantaro and it fills the inside of Clione's body with ink. Clione decides that he must finish this fight right away, and attempts to do the XYZ Crash. With encouragement from Mantaro's friends, Mantaro gets the strength to break off a piece of Clione's ribs and stabs a hole in Clione, giving Mantaro a hole to break free. All of Mantaro's friends and the crowds begin to cheer Mantaro on, giving Mantaro the strength to have the upper hand on Clione. Jade attempts to support Clione by cheering him on, but Clione tells Jade to stop being such a fool, saying that he needs no help. Clione attempts another XYZ Crash, but Mantaro reverses the attack into the Iroha Hell Tour, defeating Clione Man. As Clione is being taken away on a stretcher, Mantaro says he won because of Friendship. Before Clione is taken into the ambulance, Jade stands by worried. Scar Face tells Jade that there is nothing he can do and that he should stop caring. Jade punches Scar Face just as Clione calls out to him. He says that Scar Face is right, that there is nothing he can do for him now, but that he saved his life in the ring. Jade is puzzled, and Clione explains that when Mantaro's friends were cheering him on, they gave Mantaro power, while Clione's drained. It was only when Jade began to cheer for him, that he was able to at least lose with some dignity. He mentions that he was too proud to accept the help while he was in the ring, but realizes the power of friendship now, and is thankful that Jade did try to help. Clione is taken away in the ambulance.

Poison Six Pack Arc

During Mantaro's fight against Maximillian, various characters around the world are cheering him on. Clioneman, along with Dead Signal and Sunshine, are shown watching Mantaro fight on TV, and are cheering him on to win.

Career Information

  • Laugh: Kyo~Kyokyokyo (キョーキョキョキョ)
  • Submitted by: Kazunori Ōsawa (大澤一範) of Shizuoka
  • Hercules Factory 2nd Year Student (#21)
  • Generation EX
Win/Loss Record


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