• Name: Crowman (カラスマン Karasuman)

    Crowman at the left

  • Title: Perfect Ninth (完璧・玖式)
  • Classification: Perfect Chojin
  • Homeland: Nepal Flag of Nepal
  • Height: 260 cm
  • Weight: 190 kg
  • Trademark Techniques: Karasu Uchiwa Tataki (鴉団扇叩き), Taiku Ōmu Gaeshi (体躯鸚鵡返し), Crow Beak, Crow Feather Shield, Raven Wing (鴉団扇), Crow Feather Fireball, Crow's Bombs Away, Kujaku-bane Zanba (孔雀羽根斬刃), Crow Beak Scissors, Karasu no Hayanie Sashi (鴉の早贄
  • Laugh: "Karara" (カララ〜ッ)
  • First Appearance: Perfect Large Numbers Arc
  • Submitted By: Takayuki Wakisaka (脇阪孝行) of Kanagawa
A crow/raven chojin.

Career Information

Win/Loss Record

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