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Singh was a student of Mala Wrestling under Ajantha. Despite mastering Mala Wrestling, his master refused to induct him because of his wrathful fighting style, telling him instead to endure his anger for a year before being inducted. Two days before his one year test, he bumps into Cambridgeman in New Delhi while he demands taxes from the townspeople. While Singh keeps true to not losing his temper even after being beaten by Cambridgeman, he unfortunately breaks his promise and wears a "Mala" to get the strength needed to help protect Meena, an Indian girl, when Cambridgeman uses her to take control of the New Delhi local market then tries to arrest her. But the way he brutally murders Cambridgeman makes him an outcast, even to Meena, forcing him down the Zangyaku Chojin road
CC 2 - 22, 23
Since that day he started calling himself Curry cook. He's usually depicted a cruel choujin most of the times he's mentioned in the manga.

20th Chojin Olympics

He later fought Kinnikuman in the 20th Chojin Olympics. Curry Cook used a curry roux gouging technique which made Kinnikuman go insane and Curry Cook ran away, losing the fight.

True Akuma Chojin Arc

He later fought against the Omega Centauri's Six Spears with a rag-tag group of reserve Seigi Chojin led by a semi-retired Wolfman. He's beaten, and killed, by Mariquitaman, willing holding off his own Friendship Power by keeping himself enraged and savage, fearing that adding the knowledge of the Friendship Power to the one of the Magnetic Power they were sent to retrieve and their impressive physical abilities could made the Six Spears unstoppable.
Despite Kinnikuman himself begged him to calm down and use the Friendship Power to net a win and save his life, he lost the match, along with his life, finally at peace.

Kinnikuman Nisei

Despite Akuma Shogun's request to Enma Chojin to prevent the dead Chojin to further return to life, an older, wiser and calmer Curry Cook is seen as one of the instructors at the Hercules Factory, reasoning that as the first generation of Seigi Chojin is now too old to fight the dMp is now imperative introducting the second generation to galactic wrestling.
Currycook (Nisei)

Curry Cook in Kinnikuman Nisei

Win/Loss Record

Tag Team (Joint Number 1 w/Skyman)