• Name: Dead Signal (デッド・シグナル) / Road Rage
  • Homeland: Japan Flag of Japan
  • Height: 213cm (7')
  • Weight: 692kg (1526 lbs)
  • Chojin Kyodo: 800,000 Power
  • First Appearance: HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc/Manga Chapter 31
  • Seiyuu: Tetsu Inada/Sebastian Arcelus (US)
  • Submitted by: Hiroshi Matsui (松井大) of Chiba as Mr. Kōtsū Dōtoku (ミスター交通道徳) Flag of Italy
A living Traffic light from Japan. He was defeated by Mantaro in the first round of the HF First Year Replacement Tournament (also the only member of Generation EX to lose in the first round).


  • Traffic Sign (交通標識(トラフィックサイン)殺法 Traffic Sign Sappō)
He can control his opponents movements by using various roads signs with hypnosis and weather control.
Direction to be followed B Left Turn Only (指定方向外進行禁止 Shitei Hōkōgai Shinkō Kinshi)
Falling rocks Watch For Falling Rock (落石注意 Rakuseki Chūi)
Crossing B Dead Railroad (死の踏切り(デッドレイルロード))

Wakaba mark Dead Guard Rail (デッドガードレール)
Japanese stop sign Sign Rotary Saw (標識(サイン)丸鋸 Sign Marunoko)

The stop sign that makes up his head spins around like a buzzsaw blade to slice into his opponent.

Japanese stop signDirection to be followed ARight Sharp turn Triple Rotary Saw (トリプル丸鋸 Triple Marunoko)
Road works Paved Road (舗装道路)
Descent Nasty Drop (ナスティー・ドロップ)
Traffic lights Signal Smash (シグナル・スマッシュ)

Smashed Mantaro into his traffic signals.

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