• Tag Team Name: Diabolos (ディアボロズ, Diaborozu)
  • Members: Buffaloman & Springman
  • Tag Techniques: Spring Bazooka, Chojin Dodgeball, Devil Expander, Diabolos Longhorn Train
  • First Appearance: Seven Akuma Chojin Arc


Chōjin Dodgeball (超人ドッジボール)
Buffaloman headbutts Springman at their opponents.
Spring Bazooka (スプリングバズーカ)
The Diabolos' trademark technique. Springman jumps onto Buffaloman's arm, with Buffaloman then pulling Springman back like pulling an arrow on a bow. Buffaloman then releases, firing Springman at their enemy.
Devil Expander (デビルエキスパンダー)
Buffaloman pulls Springman's body at both ends, stretching it. Once the opponent charges at them and gets near, Buffaloman lets go, causing Springman to rebound and crush the charging opponent.
Diabolos Longhorn Train (ディアボロス・ロングホーン・トレイン)
Springman and Buffaloman stand back to back. Springman then hooks Buffalomans arms and carries him on his back. He then bends forward and charges towards the opponents. Buffaloman's Long Horn then grows, impaling the opponents.
Win/Loss Record

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