WSC Shower

Edith (right) has a habit of showering with her wrestlers...

  • Name: Edith Harrison (イヤデス・ハリスン Iyadesu Harisun)

    Edith was given an older appearance in the anime.

  • Homeland: Flag of the United States.svg USA
  • First Appearance: American Tour Arc
  • Seiyu: Nana Yamaguchi
Chairwoman of the World Supermen Council (世界超人評議会 Sekai Chōjin Hyōgikai) (WSC). Former student of God Von Erich. Although shown to be very ruthless, at the end of the arc she and The Emperors rescue Robert from Kinkotsuman.
She is a parody of Edith Hanson, who was a huge supporter of of Giant Baba and All Japan Pro Wrestling. Her name Edith (イーデス) sounds like "It's good" in Japanese (いいです Ii desu), while the Kinnikuman character is "It's bad" (嫌です Iya desu).

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