The Emperor's Tournament Arc (皇帝御前試合編, Kōtei Gozen Jiai Hen) is the final arc in Tatakae!! Ramenman. Because of the series' cancellation it was never finished.

New Characters


When the emperor is suddenly poisoned and dies, his young son Lu Laobing is quickly enthroned. Laobing gathers the world's greatest warriors at the Great Wall of China to decide his Kung Fu Instructor. However fights soon break out amongst the warriors, and Laobing hides in safety with Victory Ramenman and Shumai. When Shumai leaves briefly, he is mistaken for the young emperor and kidnapped.

Realizing some of the warriors may have impure motives, Ramenman and his Kensei Go Kasen as well as Rambo (now going by the name Racket Ranbo) agree to team up to make sure one of them becomes the instructor. Laobing then decides to hold the Emperor's Tournament to decide who his instructor shall be.

(more to come)


Main Article: Emperor's Tournament

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