Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden
Cover art
Developer(s) TOSE
Publisher(s) Bandai
Designer(s) Hiroshi Oginome
Composer(s) Haruki Adachi
Platform(s) Nintendo Famicom
Release date(s)
  • JP February 15, 1989
Genre(s) Action RPG
Mode(s) Single-player
Media 3-megabit cartridge

Famicom Jump: Hero Retsuden (ファミコンジャンプ 英雄列伝 Famikon Janpu Hīrō Retsuden, the subtitle translates to "History of Heroes") is a 1989 role-playing video game for the FamiCom published by Bandai. The game commemorates the 20th anniversary of Shueisha's manga anthology Weekly Shōnen Jump.

Set in a world that brings together many of the long-running titles that had appeared in the magazine, both of the past and present at the time of its release. The game consists of a main character wandering and encountering the many Jump heroes as they try to save the world from an alliance of many of the most powerful and evil of the Jump villains.

The 16 Heroes

One of the main objects of the game is to gather a selection of 16 notable Jump hero characters in order to use them to fight against the enemies in this world. The Jump characters that can be collected are:

Of particular note: Son Gokū and Momotarō Tsurugi are the only characters who return in Famicom Jump II. But of the series with hero characters, JoJo's Bizarre Adventure also has a playable hero in the sequel, with Joseph succeeded by Jotaro Kujo. One NPC character in this game, Ryotsu Kankichi from KochiKame, becomes playable as well in the sequel.

The Bosses

Area 1

Area 2

Area 3

Area 4

Area 4

Final Battle

Other characters

Present characters

Past characters

Represented series

See also

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