Win/Loss Record

Tag Techniques

Cross Bomber (クロス・ボンバー)
Two simultaneous Quarrel Bombers on a single opponent, Neptuneman from the front and Kinnikuman from behind. It is strong enough to knock an opponent's mask off.
Cross Enzui (クロス延髄)
Used during the fight with Last Intelligence. Similar to the standard Cross Bomber, but done with simultaneous Enzuigiri kicks instead of Quarrel Bombers.
Ganryu Island Drop (巌流島ドロップ, Ganryū Shima Doroppu)
Used during the fight with Last Intelligence. With the opponent upside down and falling towards the ring, Neptuneman and Kinnikuman jumps towards him. Neptuneman, with his back to the opponent's front, hooks his arms around the opponent's legs while Kinnikuman, facing back to back with the opponent, hooks his arms with the opponent's arms. They then drive him headfirst into the canvas.
Rainbow Bridge Suplex (レインボーブリッジスープレックス)
A tag technique used during the fight with Last Intelligence. While back-to-back and in midair, Neptuneman and Kinnikuman each take an opponent and perform a Back Drop, causing their heads to collide with one another.

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