Garuda is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman. He is the last opponent to be defeated by Victory Ramenman in the series.


  • Name: Garuda (ガルルーダ Garurūda)
  • Homeland: Flag of Indonesia.svg Bali, Indonesia
  • Submitted by: Nakamura of Aomori

A member of the Triangle Brothers, he wears a costume of the bird god Garuda. He fights against and is defeated by Victory Ramenman in the first round of the Koutei Gozen Jiai finals tournament.


  • Kokuhou Mabyō (黒鳳魔爪, Black Phoenix Demonic Claw)
  • Hane Makiu (羽根魔鬼雨, Demonic Feather Rain)


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