• Classification: Akuma Choujin
  • Homeland: Marseille, France Flag of France
  • Height: 203cm (6'8")
  • Weight: 164kg (362 lbs)
  • Choujin Kyoudo: 8,540,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Micro Geppar (マイクロ・ゲッパー), Rolling Water (ローリング・ウォーター), Buzz Saw Fin (パズソーフィン)
  • First Appearance: (Nisei) Manga Chapter ??
Gepparland (ゲッパーランド) is an aquatic Choujin in the form of a fish. He is capable of producing miniature versions of himself known as Micro Geppars. He holds Alexandria Meat's left arm.
Img 4
He fights and is defeated by Hanzou, and is afterwards killed by General Terror.
  • Laugh: Geppappa~ (ゲッパッパ~)
  • Demon Seed No. 2

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