• Name: God Von Erich (ゴッド・フォン・エリック)
  • Nickname: The Iron Claw
  • Homeland: USA Flag of the United States
  • Chojin Kyodo: 800,000? Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Iron Claw Throw (アイアンクロー投げ)
  • Titles: Founder of the American Chojin World
  • First Appearance: American Tour Arc chapter 68


God Von Erich founded the American Choujin world, and was at one point the Chojin World Champion. He controlled the WSA for 150 years (Back then there was only one group), and was the master of Dorlo Flears, Edith Harrison, and Sheik Seijin. After retiring from active service, he began to assist in development counseling.

Erich is an imposing figure, who seems to tower over all others. He seems to have little patience for his students, as he used his Iron Claw Throw on Sheik-seijin for the three chairmen's feuding, and slapped Edith for talking back. Despite this, he seems to like Kinnikuman for his spirit.

A parody of Fritz Von Erich.


American Tour

God Von Erich first appears at the riot between the World Supermen Association/Federation/Council. Wanting to put an end to their constant bickering, he suggested that the three groups have a tag tournament to decide which group will control America. He also allowed Kinkotsuman and Iwao to enter as representatives of Kaijuu.

During the first round of the tag tournament, he showed some slight favoritism by telling Kinnikuman how tag matches are fought, being called on it by Edith.

After the Machineguns won the tournament, he went back into retirement.

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