Gorgeousman b&w

original design

  • Name: Gorgeousman (ゴージャスマン)
  • Homeland: Houston, Texas, USA Flag of the United States
  • Height: 220 cm
  • Weight: 185 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 870,000 Power
  • Trademark Technique: Patriot Shooter Press
  • Seiyu: Mahito Ōba
  • First Appearance: Hercules Factory Arc Chapter 2
  • Submitted by: Toyoki Takimoto (滝本豊樹) of Kyoto

His whole costume is a giant Confederate States of America flag Battle flag of the Confederate States of America (The 4Kids dub recolored his costume to be completely red, as the Confederate flag is considered offensive by some). In the original manga version of Nisei, when the Legends first announce the Hercules Factory graduates, Mantaro steals Gorgeousman's costume and wears it, saying that Gorgeousman's costume is much cooler than his. An almost nude Gorgeousman appears shortly after, forcing Mantaro to return his clothing. His forearms were horribly injured by Check Mate, but he recovered. He was featured briefly in the first Nisei movie, but lost in an off-screen fight against The Cyborg.

He first appears as a fan submission on the cover art for chapter 374 of the original Kinnikuman.

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