The Great Mask is the mask used by Prince Kamehame, Terryman, & Chaos Avenir when they took on the alias of Kinnikuman Great. It was first used by Kamehame when he entered the Dream Tag Tournament with Kinnikuman. When Terryman had used it, the duo of Hell Missionnaires ripped the forehead of the mask as well as revealing Terryman. Once it fell off it floated to the crowd and both Chaos & his friend Kawazaki had both grabbed it. After beating Kawazaki-kun up, Chaos became the sole owner of the mask. When Chaos entered the Ultimate Chojin Tag Tournament, he wore the mask. During his and Mantaro's fight against the 20 Million Powers, Chaos unlocked his memories and gained more strength. However, this strength cause him to completely destroy his costume, the Great Mask being included.

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