• Name: Gundam (蛾蛇虫(ガンダム) Gandamu)
  • Homeland: Yunnan, China Flag of the People's Republic of China
  • Family: Uzura (sister)
  • Fighting Style: Poison Wolf Fist (毒狼拳, Dokuroken)
  • Voice: Yusaku Yara
Gundam was introduced as a martial artist who challenges Victory Ramenman to a duel but loses his left arm after attacking him with a sword when he loses. He dips his right arm in a bowl of poison for several days, transforming it into the secret Dokushu. He fights Ramenman again and nearly kills him with a touch from his Dokushu, but Ramenman recovers and fights him again, defeating him with the Daketsu Santen Kuzushi. When he falls over he accidentally touches himself with the Dokushu, killing himself. However, he somehow returns to life and becomes a strong ally of Ramenman's. In Volume 5 he regains his left arm with no explanation.
In the anime he has a sister named Uzura. To avoid sounding like Mobile Suit Gundam, his name was changed to Gadam (ガダム) in the anime.


  • Poison Hand (毒手, Dokushu)
  • Crimson Thousand Li Hawk (紅千里鷹, Kurenai Senri Taka)
  • Vile Poisonous Thousand Li Hawk (凶毒千里鷹, Kyōdoku Senri Taka)
  • Chain Rotation (連鎖回転, Rensa Kaiten)
  • Head Scissors (ヘッド・シザーズ)
  • Swallow Migration Technique (雷燕物体移動術, Raien Buttai Idō Jutsu)

Tag Techniques

  • Two-Sided Last Stand (両面背水, Ryōmen Haisui)
  • White Tiger Crimson Hawk Fist (白虎紅鷹拳, Byakko Benidaka Ken)



  • X Victory Ramenman (Hyakusen Hyakushou Kyaku)
  • X Victory Ramenman (Daketsu Santen Kuzushi)
  • O Unknown Opponents (Poison Hand)
  • O Mercury Charsiuman (Poison Hand)
  • O Wang Huangdi's Subordinates
  • O Fake Heilong #1
  • O Heilong Clones
  • O Gyokuo's Subordinates
  • X Huangying (Chiyou Daijin Ha)
  • X Tiaolong (Hika Ranten Zuki)
  • O Tiaolong & Huangying (Zukotsu Kirimomi Kyaku) (Tag Match with Ramenman)
  • O Unknown Opponent (Poison Hand)
  • O 2 Unknown Opponents (Poison Hand and Leg Combo)
  • Δ Gyeomcham

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