• Name: Gyokuō (玉王 Jewel King)
  • Nickname: Slaughter Demon (屠殺鬼 Tosatsuki); censored to Destruction Demon (破壊鬼 Hakaiki) in reprints.
  • Voice: Kenji Utsumi


Gyokuō is the main antagonist in Tatakae!! Ramenman. He originally appears as a Kenpo user and the leader of the Seven Evil Shogi Pieces of Dalin Temple (大林寺, Dairin-ji). He wears chain mail and is able to counter Victory Ramenman's Meidatsu Houkai Ken, but during their rematch his chain mail is shattered by the Shintotsu Gisaki Kyaku using a special wooden shoe created for Ramenman by La Niang's carpenter stepfather and he is defeated. Afterwards, he himself is no longer capable of combat and seeks revenge against Ramenman, using brilliant plans and subordinates to take him down at all costs. Because the series was canceled, it unknown what became of him.


  • Jewel King Slaughter Demon Drop (屠殺鬼玉王怒狼封 Tosatsuki Gyokuō Doroppu)

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