Harabote Muscle is a supporting character in Yudetamago's manga series Kinnikuman and its sequel Kinnikuman Nisei (Ultimate Muscle). He is usually referred to as Chairman. In the English dub and manga he is renamed Vance McMadd as a parody of WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) owner Vince McMahon, and the federation is renamed the Intergalactic Wrestling Federation (IWF).

Even though the family name Kinniku was changed to "Muscle" in the English versions, Harabote is not related to Muscle/Kinniku wrestling family in any of the versions of Ultimate Muscle. His name was likely changed in the English version to clarify this.


  • Name: Harabote Muscle (ハラボテ・マッスル)
  • AKA: Chairman (委員長 Iinchō)
  • Classification: Seigi Chojin
  • Homeland: Planet Harabote
  • Age: 68, 104 (Nisei)
  • Height: 165 cm
  • Weight: 122 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 450,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Atomic Drop, Body Scissors (胴じめ, Dōjime), Killer Key Lock (殺人キー・ロック, Satsujin Kī Rokku)
  • First Appearance: Manga Chapter 28, Anime Episode 6

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Harabote Muscle is the rival and close friend of Mayumi Kinniku, whom he refers to as Mayumi-chan (真弓ちゃん) (as if they were children). He serves as the chairman of the Chōjin Committee (超人委員会, Chōjin Iinkai), which oversees all Chōjin activity in the universe. However, he is not very well respected by the Chōjin community. He was at one time a Chōjin Wrestler and had obstructed Mayumi's quest for Chōjin Olympic V3 by winning the 11th Olympics. Also in those days, he had long hair.

As chairman, he oversees all the matches and tournaments that take place within the series and will sometimes serve as referee. He was also the moderator of Kinnikuman's coronation and later the Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne. He spends most of his times talking and watching the matches with Mayumi, particularly in the earlier chapters, where they provide much of the series' comic relief. They also performed a match together in the middle of the Chojin Olympics, supposedly done "old school style," which greatly moved the color commentator, but they were booed off the stage by angry fans, who found the matches not violent enough for their tastes.

Though initially impressed with Kinnikuman's abilities, he soon becomes annoyed with his moronic personality and becomes disappointed whenever he advances in tournaments.

In Kinnikuman Nisei, his Chōjin Committee status has fallen, apparently because his management skills have deteriorated with age. He also seems to have a personal vendetta against Kinnikuman's son, Mantaro Kinniku, and becomes annoyed and disappointed whenever he performs well, a trait passed down to his son, Ikemen Muscle. In the HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc, it is revealed that the reason for this is that he considers Mantaro a slacker and a good-for-nothing.


Harabote's family

In the HF First Year Replacement Matches Arc, he hired Generation EX to replace Mantaro Kinniku and the others but the plan failed. During the matches, he would bend the rules in Generation EX's favor, stating that Dead Signal's usage of flying debris as weapons was not against the rules, and taking Mantaro's fight with Clioneman to an island where Clione would have the biggest advantage (when Meat berated him for this, he said the reason he chose an island was to "get up on some whale surfing!" to which Meat replied "That excuse don't float!"), even going so far as to insist on continuing the match even after Scarface's identity as a dMp villain was revealed, stating that he doesn't like disqualifying anyone due to a technicality (against Buffaloman and Wolfman's ruling that Scarface was disqualified, as he was a dMp member and the tournament was for members of the New Generation only), stating that since Scarface graduated from the Hercules Factory, that also makes him a New Generation, despite his history and intention to ruin the Muscle League. While this may have been a stroke of persistence to ruin Mantaro's reputation, he seems to have changed somewhat, as he previously disqualified Terryman and Kinnikuman Great in the Tag Team Tournament.

Afterwards, he hands his chairman position over to his son, Ikemen Muscle.

In the first anime he speaks in a Hichiku dialect (Kansai dialect in Survivor Match for the Kinniku Throne) and has the character (i) (as in Iinchō) written on his forehead, however these traits are discontinued in the Nisei anime. His catchphrase is "Mayumi, no need to bust a vein!" (真弓君、何もそんな青筋立てて怒らんでもええやねん! Mayumi-kun, nanimo sonna aosuji tatete okorandemo ee ya nen!)

Career Information

  • Birthdate: 1911 (however, in "Kinnikuman Nisei", his statue in the Hercules Factory Colossio corridor has "1918~" engraved beside it)
  • Family: Ikemen Muscle (son), Jacqueline Muscle (daughter)
  • Favorite Food: Squid with vinegar, Milk
  • 11th Chōjin Olympic Champion
  • Intergalactic Chōjin Society Chairman (宇宙超人協会委員長 Uchū Chōjin Kyōkai Iinchō)
  • Chōjin Committee Chairman (宇宙超人協会委員長 Chōjin Iinkai Iinchō)
  • Chōjin Grappling Council Chairman (超人格闘評議会議長 Chōjin Kakutō Hyōgikai Gichō)
  • Chōjin Olympics Committe Chairman (超人オリンピック委員会委員長 Chōjin Orinpikku Iinkai Iinchō)
  • Strict Chairman (石頭委員長 Ishiatama Iinchō)
  • Little Fatass (チビデブ Chibi Debu)
  • Beer Belly (ビール腹 Bīru-buku)
  • Sly Old Fox (タヌキ親父 Tanuki Oyaji)
Win/Loss Record
  • O Mayumi Kinniku
  • X Mayumi Kinniku (Figure 4 Leg Lock)
  • Δ Mayumi Kinniku (Iron Claw)
  • Δ Mayumi Kinniku (Killer Key Lock)


  • Harabote (腹ぼて) means someone with a large belly.