The evil ruler of a village that Chen Zongming requests Ramenman to save. He loves darkness and hates cheerful people. For this reason he surrounded the village with a giant wall to block the sunlight and imprisoned all the smiling children in his Ànhēi Fáng (暗黒房, Black Room) cave until they turn 20. In the end, Ramenman breaks the wall and defeats him with the Rekka Taiyō Kyaku. However, the village and Heise Mowang were all an illusion created by Master Chen using his tray model.

He appears in the movie version of the anime as the main antagonist, although his appearance was changed from a black man into a literal devilish figure.


  • Black Arts (黒色術 Kokushoku Jutsu)
Can turn people into black mummies.
  • Darkness Cosmos (暗黒宇宙 Ankoku Uchū)
  • Darkness Meteor Fist (暗黒流星拳 Ankoku Ryūsei Ken)


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