• Name: Hogan (砲岩(ホーガン))
  • Fighting Style: Shooting Star Fist (流星拳 Ryūseiken)
  • Homeland: Guangxi, China Flag of the People's Republic of China
  • Seiyu: Banjo Ginga (eps 9, 15), Ken Yamaguchi (eps 22-23, 27, 29, 31-33)


A user of the Sandan Ryūsei Kyaku (散弾流星脚, Shrapnel Shooting Star Kick) which is said to surpass Chojin Kenpo, he carries around a large bottle on his back that he throws into the air and shatters with a kick, causing the broken fragments to attack his enemies. He would use this strength to attack villages, but when he kills Gyoza's father Harumaki, Gyoza receives training from Victory Ramenman and eventually defeats Hogan. Afterwards he reforms and reappears as one of Ramenman's comrades. He has also become a ceramic craftsman in order to make more bottles. He is frequently killed and his Sandan Ryūsei Kyaku is defeated, only to repeatedly return later without any explanation.


  • Sandan Ryūsei Kyaku (散弾流星脚, Shrapnel Shooting Star Kick)
  • Hatsuun Bōtō (撥雲暴頭, Rejected Cloud Headbutt)
  • Senpū Kyaku (旋風脚, Whirlwind Kick)
  • Hishō Jūji-Hai Ken (飛翔十字牌拳, Soaring Cross Tile Fist)
  • Hishi Ryūmon Hō (飛刺竜門砲, Flying Piercing Gateway Cannon)
  • Fūken Batsugan Kyaku (風捲伐岩脚, Blowing Rock Strike Kick)
  • Kirimomi Iwanuki Kyaku (錐揉岩貫き脚, Spinning Rock Piercing Kick)
  • Sōma Iwakezuri Kyaku (走馬岩削り脚, Race Horse Rock Whittling Kick)
  • Ryūsei Endan Kyaku (流星炎弾脚, Shooting Star Flame Kick)


  • O Harumaki (Sandan Ryuusei Kyaku)
  • X Gyoza (Sandan Ryuusei Kyaku Counter)
  • O Unknown Opponents (Sandan Ryuusei Kyaku)
  • X Andre (Big Boot)
  • O Fake Heilong #3
  • O Heilong Clones
  • O Gyokuo's Subordinates
  • X Yanliu (Guren Baika Ken)
  • X Jingang (Gouriki Atsusaku Ken)
  • X Miangui (10 Count)
  • X Ramenman Rambo (Kyouko Hyappo Ken)
  • O Unknown Opponent (Sandan Ryuusei Kyaku)
  • X Nenbutsuman (Rakurai Gane)

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