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Hideyuki Hori
堀 秀行
Birth NameHidemitsu Hori
堀 秀光
BirthdateMarch 23 1954 (1954-03-23) (age 63)
BirthplaceSetagaya, Tokyo, Japan
Notable RelativesYukitoshi Hori (brother)
Yuji Hori (father)
Harumi Kai (mother)
Mitsuaki Hori (brother)
Notable Credit(s)Tiger Mask II
as Tatsuo Aku
Sakigake!! Otokojuku
as Momotaro Tsurugi
Saint Seiya
as Phoenix Ikki
Hokuto no Ken
as Ryūga
G Gundam
as Schwarz Bruder
Dragon Ball Z
as Commander Ginyu
Gundam Seed Destiny
as Lord Djibril
Dead or Alive
and Ninja Gaiden
as Ryu Hayabusa
Official WebsiteAoni Pro

Hideyuki Hori (堀 秀行 Hori Hideyuki) is a Japanese seiyū who was born on March 23, 1954 in Tokyo. He is the younger brother of fellow seiyū and voice of The Samurai Yukitoshi Hori who also works at Aoni Production. He is most known for his roles in Saint Seiya (as Phoenix Ikki), Sakigake!! Otokojuku (as Momotaro Tsurugi), Hokuto no Ken, Mobile Fighter G Gundam (as Schwarz Bruder), and the Dead or Alive series and Ninja Gaiden (as Ryu Hayabusa).


Along with Akira Kamiya and Hideyuki Tanaka, he was one of the most frequently used seiyū from the 80s~90s, having appeared in Saint Seiya (in which he co-starred with his brother Yukitoshi), Kinnikuman, Dai no Daibouken, Dragon Ball Z, Fist of the North Star, Sakigake!! Otokojuku, and several others.

As an actor he performed in NHK's Taiga drama "Tokugawa Ieyasu" as Yuki Hideyasu.


Great Riot! Seigi Chojin

Tatakae!! Ramenman

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