H Yaki

Horumon Yaki with photo of wife Harami

Horumon Yaki is the head of the Horumon Clan. Long ago, the Horumon Clan was greater than the Kinniku Clan, but war with the Kinniku lead to its downfall. Horumon Yaki himself has challenged and lost to Mayumi Kinniku countless times, and his wife Harami was killed by the Kinniku Clan. In order to seek revenge on the Kinniku Clan, he sends his daughter Bibimbap and Shishkeba Boo of the Barbecue Clan as assassins, but both of them fail.

He has reconciled since Bibimbap married into the Kinniku Clan. Although he appeared with a shaved head in his days as a destitute villain, he is shown wearing a mask like most other people of Planet Kinniku in subsequent appearances as Kinnikuman's in-law.

In Kinnikuman Nisei he appears as one of four great elders of Planet Kinniku's Chōjin Council (超人評議会).

His name comes from horumonyaki.

  • Family: Harami (wife, deceased), Bulgogi Yaki (son, mentioned), Bibimbap (daughter)

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