Two Flying Swords Huángyīng (二飛刀黄鶯 Nihitō Kō'ō, at one point read as Nihitō Kōen), is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman.


The second of the Anki Go Tensei, he uses the two sword style. He was often paired in battle with Tiaolong.


  • Great Surface Splitting Blade (地表大刃破, Chiyō Dai Jinha)
  • Rubber Fist and Sand Kick (護夢(ゴム)拳惨土脚, Gomu-ken Sando-kyaku)
  • United Propellor Fist (合体賦櫨狴鑼(プロペラ)拳, Gattai Puropera Ken)

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