Powerful Palm Jīngāng (強力掌金剛 Gōrikishō Kongō) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman.


The fifth of the Anki Go Tensei, he is a handsome face, but because his gibbeted head was burnt by angry villagers, he now wears a mask. He fights a rough battle against Victory Ramenman, but is eventually defeated by the Mōko Hyappo Ken. Although he is depicted with a large build, when he is out of his costume he does not appear as large. He was the only one of the Go Tensei to have a girlfriend (Barbara) or a gentler side.


  • Shooting Tiger Demon Wind Kick (射虎風魔脚, Shako Fūma Kyaku)
  • Powerful Spinning Top Kick (強力曲独楽脚, Gōriki Kyokukoma Kyaku)
  • Powerful Butterfly Throw (強力蝴蝶投げ, Gōriki Kochō Nage)

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