Jīnshīzǐquán Jīnlóng (金獅子拳金龍 Kinjishiken Kinryū) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman. He was voiced by Ginga Banjou.


One of the Chikinmon San Akunin and the leader of the Kinjishi Gang, his atrocity knows no bounds. During his first encounter with Victory Ramenman he counters his Chojin 102 Gei completely and defeats the Mouko Hyappo Ken with his own Kinjishi Hyappo Ken. He then takes Shumai and some school children hosatge inside their class, but Ramenman then learns the Choujouken and defeats him with the Sousei Mouko Ken.


  • Kinjishi Hyappo Ken (金獅子百歩拳, Hundred Feet Lion Fist)



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