Cross Fist Hēilóng (十字拳黒龍 Jūjiken Kokuryū) is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman and the main antagonist of the Chikinmon San Akunin Arc. He was voiced by Chikao Otsuka.


The leader of the Chikinmon San Akunin, he has a rather demonic face and large horns. He is a user of the third Choujouken Secret, Sealed Cross Blade. Immediately after he escapes from the Chikinmon, he trades places with the Dasengzheng, however Ramenman is able to learn the truth and eventually defeats him with the Sousei Mouko Ken.


  • Sealed Cross Blade (封印十字剣, Fuuin Juujiken)
  • Five Walking Bodies Technique (五体散歩術, Gotai Sanpo Jutsu)
  • Air Sphere Barrier (制空圏バリヤー, Seikuuken Barrier)



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