Kali Cook is a character from the spin-off Kinnikuman Lady and is the alternate/female version of Curry Cook.


While Curry Cook used to be a Zangyaku Chojin, Kali Cook seems to have always been a Seigi Chojin. She's not shown actively fighting: instead, despite during her first fight with Kinniukman Lady Meat urged his young protegee to smash the bowl of curry she wears on her head (thus, mirroring the way Kinnikuman beat Curry Cook]], Kali graciously offered a huge deal of curry to Kinnikuman Lady, who proptly ate it all, sharing some bowls with Meat. In the end, after giving Kinnikuman Lady some sweets, she claimed defeat by telling she had understimated the appetite of japanese people for curry, and how she wanted to research more flavors.


Apparently none: she's able to materialize several meals in the bowl she wears on her head. Despite she's able to materialize a huge amount of food, she has some limits, and apparently she had to cook it beforehand.


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