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  • Name: King Tōn (キング・トーン)
  • Real Name: Ikue
  • Classification: Pig
  • Homeland: Planet Kinniku KinnikuFlag
  • First Appearance: Monster Extermination Days

When Suguru was a baby, the Kinniku family was flying in space over the earth. A pig in the ship was causing a commotion, and Mayumi mistakenly threw Suguru out of the ship to Earth instead, apparently unable to tell the difference (neither did the pig's fellow students at the Hercules Factory). The pig, Ikue, was mistakenly raised as prince in place of Suguru. It become known as King Tōn (Pork) and took over Kinniku Planet. It defeated Suguru in a three-round match with a different style of combat in each, but was chased away when its original owner, a Tonkatsu chef, finally found it after the match. The chef chased it out of sight and the pig was never seen again.

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