The Kinnikuman anime was broadcasted April 4, 1983~October 1, 1986 on Sundays from 10:00~10:30 am on NTV and was produced by Toei Animation. On April 9, 1986 it switched to Tuesdays from 7:00~7:30 pm. 137 episodes were made before its cancellation. It was followed 5 years later by Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne.


Main Article: List of Kinnikuman Episodes


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Opening Themes

  1. Kinnikuman Go Fight! by Kushida Akira (eps. 1~65)
  2. Honoo no Kinnikuman by Kushida Akira (eps. 66~124)
  3. Kinnikuman Sensation by Kushida Akira (eps. 125~137)

Ending Themes

  1. Niku 2x9 Rock n' Roll by Kushida Akira (eps. 1~65)
  2. Kinniku Mambo by Kamiya Akira (eps. 66~96, 107~124)
  3. Kinniku Ondo by Kamiya Akira & Matsushima Minori (eps. 97~106)
  4. Kinnikuman Club by Kamiya Akira (eps. 125~137)

Insert Songs

  1. Gyudon Ondo by Kamiya Akira
  2. Megumi no Hito by Rats & Star (ep. 42)
  3. See you again, hero! by Kamiya Akira (eps. 59, 69)
  4. Texas Bronco (Terryman's Theme) by Kushida Akira (eps. 59, 99)
  5. Bear Claw of Sorrow (Warsman's Theme) by Woo (eps. 62, 72, 75)
  6. Dohyo Hero (Rikishiman's Theme) by Kushida Akira (ep. 69)
  7. Miraculous Comeback Fighter (Kinnikuman's Theme) by Kamiya Akira (ep. 71)
  8. Ashura Hell (Ashuraman's Theme) by GAKURO (ep. 74)
  9. Devil Buffalo (Buffaloman's Theme) by Miyauchi Takayuki (eps. 82, 86)
  10. Asian Wolf (Mongolman's Theme) by Saitou Youji (ep. 108)
  11. Kung Fu Fighter (Ramenman's Theme) by Koorogi '73 (ep. 109)

Changes from Manga Version

Main Article: Manga to Anime Changes#Kinnikuman

TV Special


  1. Kinnikuman (1984)
  2. Great Riot! Seigi Choujin (1984)
  3. Seigi Choujin vs. Ancient Choujin (1985)
  4. Counterattack! The Underground Space Choujin (1985)
  5. Hour of Triumph! Seigi Choujin (1985)
  6. Crisis in New York!! (1986)
  7. Seigi Choujin vs. Senshi Choujin (1987)

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