Kinnikuman Second Generation: The Great All Out Chōjin Assault (キン肉マンⅡ世~オール超人大進撃~ Kinnikuman Nisei: Ōru Chōjin Dai Shingeki) is a manga series by Yudetamago. It was an alternate retelling of their series Kinnikuman Nisei.


Serialized in Shueisha's game magazine V Jump from 2002 to May 2007.

Like Yudetamago's other work, Kinnikuman Nisei (which ran in Weekly Playboy), it is a sequel to their earlier work Kinnikuman (serialized in Weekly Shonen Jump from 1979 to 1987), however the story develops differently than in Kinnikuman Nisei.

Playboy Version Differences

  • The big Chōjin fighting tournament is not the Chojin Olympics but rather the Chojin Ittosai (超人一等祭, Top Chōjin Festival). Whereas the Chōjin Olympics was basically a Seigi Chōjin Tournament (with the exception of Akugyo Chōjins who sneak in), the Chōjin Ittō-sai mixes both good and evil Chōjin to decide who is the "Top" Chōjin amongst them.
  • Female Chojin like Okan and Fiona participate in the fights.
  • The character Gazelleman appears more frequently and prominently. Particularly, whereas in the Playboy Version he is never shown winning a match, in this story he is shown winning 2 matches.

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