• Manga Chapters: 2
  • Anime Episodes: 5

In order to get a kiss from idol Nana Takahara, Kinnikuman hires one of his henchmen, Gorizaemon, to attack Nana in which Kinnikuman stop Gorizaemon and save her. However, it didn't work as planned because Gorizaemon sees Nana, thinks she's cute, and thinks he looks stupid getting beat up by Kinnikuman so easily. He beats up Kinnikuman and takes Nana up to a tower in a King Kong style way. Nana's manager, and secret love interest, Hitoshi tries to stop Gorizaemon but he falls down the builing and goes unconscious. Kinnikuman then uses a rocket fist technique as well as a throw to the ground to defeat Gorizaemon. Kinnikuman is able to save an unconisous Nana. Hitoshi wakes up a kicks and unconscious Gorizaemon in which at that time Nana wakes up and thinks that Hitoshi had saved her. Nana runs to Hitoshi's arms to Kinnikuman's dismay.

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