• Manga Chapters: 4
  • Anime Episodes: 2

To try and gain back the Universal Champion Belt, Kinnikuman challenges Ton in a three round match. The first is Judo, in which Ton easily takes Kinnikuman down. The second is boxing, in which Ton pummles Kinnikuman's face. The third and final round is wrestling in which Kinnikuman uses the Flying Body Attack on Ton. However, Ton uses his stomach to stop Kinnikuman and pound him to the ground. Making Ton the winner in a 3-0 landslide victory.

While it seems that Ton might keep control of Planet Kinniku, all of a sudden, Ton's Butcher comes in. It's revealed that his real name is Ikue and that 20 years ago he ran away from the butcher. The Butcher chases Ton away, in which at that time Mayumi takes advantage and steals the belt. Bringing Planet Kinniku back to its regular ways as usual.

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