• Manga Chapters: 9
  • Anime Episodes: 14

While Kinnikuman is driving Mari's Kindergarten Class to an amusement park, Zangyaku-Seijin goes in front of the bus which makes Kinnikuman stop the bus. After telling Kinnikuman of his father's embarresing defeat, the police arrive leaded by Akaiwa (Gobugari in the anime). However, Zangyaku-Seijin threatens to hurt the hostages so the police stop in their tracks. When Zangyaku-Seijin is about to leave with Kinnikuman and the others, Kinnikuman convinces him to just have a one-on-one fight between each other with no hostages. A western draw-like fight is on, in which they each prepare their main attack (Kinnikuman: Kinniku Flash & Zangyaku-Seijin: Hand Gun). Zangyaku-Seijin fires his gun but Kinnikuman dodges and uses his Kinniku Flash to stop Zangyaku-Seijin once and for all.

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