• Name: Kommandas (カマーンダス коммандас)
  • Classification: Robo Choujin
  • Homeland: USSR Flag of the Soviet Union
  • First Appearance: Warsman Begins
  • Submitted by: Naoyuki Tashiro (田代直之) of Osaka

Kommandas as a Robo Chojin

Kommandas was one of the Chojin that the SKGB recruited to do intensive training in the Wolf Room (Волк Комната), and during this period he befriended Warsman. Months later, Warsman discovered that the SKGB is training Chojin is to use them as robotic Chojin soldiers capable of destroying an entire army, the wrestling training being only a huse, and with the success of their first soldier, Warsman, they plan to massproduce him. Angry, Warsman attacks SKGB members and flees, and they send their second robot Chojin to kill him. The Robo Chojin is Kommandas, who was transformed into a cold-hearted fighting machine. Warsman doesn't want to harm his friend, but Barracuda tells Warsman that is no longer the Kommandas he knew and that he must be merciless. Warsman than killed Kommandas with his Bear Claw and the Palo Special.

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