A Dutch wrestler made of LEGO bricks that can transform into different shapes. However, a black brick among the blocks is the weak point. This led to his defeat in his match against Kevin Mask. He was defeated by Kevin Mask in the second match of the second round of "A" block in the Chojin Olympics: The Resurrection. He was defeated within 10 minutes and 36 seconds. Renamed Blocks in the anime for legal concerns.


Regeneration Block
This move is basically Legox's ability to form back into a shape after he is separated into pieces.
Bookend Crush
Legox turns into a gigantic "Guide to Holland", and right side up, traps the opponent in the middle of the book like a bookmark and repeatedly opens and closes the book crushing the opponent.
Sliding Cocobutt
Legox's body turns into a big slide while his head slides down and flies into the opponents stomach.
Decoration Block
Legox splits into blocks and covers all of the opponent's body, making the opponent look like a gigantic doll made of blocks. This move possibly chokes the opponent and/or crushes them
Sensational Clone
This move is used after the Decoration Block. Legox stays as, or forms into the opponent, and can use all of their abilities, techniques and strategies as the Decoration Block reads their data.
Steamroller(unofficial name)
Legox turns into a steamroller and crushes the opponent.

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