Lightning (ライトニング)
Time Choujin No. 1 and leader of the Five Disasters. He has a calm and sly personality and focuses on technique and finesse. Laugh: Jowajowajowa. He possesses the ability to travel a few seconds in time when he puts in his mouth piece. He calls this technique Acceleration. Trademark Techniques: Lightning Cutter, Four Point Impact.


Acceleration (アクセレイシヨン)
After putting in his mouth the Evolution Mouthpiece (エヴオリユ-シヨン マウスピ-ス), Lightning can travel a few seconds in time. Also, he can use this ability to manipulate his body structure, like splitting it (to avoid Brocken Jr's Red Rain of Berlin) or twisting it (to counter Robin Mask's Tower Bridge).

Knockout Headbutt (ノ-スサウス ヘッドバッド)
After using the Acceleration, Lighting hits the opponent's back with a diving headbutt. First used against Robin Mask during the fight with The Adrenalines.

Boiling Sickle (ボイリング シックル)
Lightning slashes the opponente using the Lightning Cutter on his right arm.

Tic-Toc Bone (チックトック ボン)
Same as Boiling Sickle, but performed with the Lightning Cutter on his left arm.

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