Kaijuu Extermination Arc

1A - Messenger from Planet Kinniku

1B - The Man from America

2A - The Target is Nessie

2B - Save Planet Kinniku!

3A - Space Kaiju Attack

3B - Kinnikuman's Great Hustle

4A - Flying Natsuko

4B - Part-Time Jobs are Annoying

5A - Kinkotsuman and the Battle of Bone and Muscle

5B - Kinnikuman's Broken Heart

6A - Kinnikuman is Sexy!?

6B - The Japanese Representative is...

20th Choujin Olympics Arc

7A - The Choujin Olympics

7B - Kinkotsuman's Trap

8A - The Space Marathon

8B - Showdown! The Battle Royal

9A - Natsuko Becomes Giant

9B - The Hidden Secret

10A - The Tournament Finals Begins!

10B - Watch Out, Terryman!

11A - The Great Reversal!

11B - Ice-Top Death Match

12A - The Deadly Camel Clutch

12B - Just Look at that Western Spirit!

13A - Terryman's Demonic Transformation

13B - The Killer Boston Crab

14A - Zangyaku-seijin Appears!

14B - Kinnikuman Advances to the Finals

15A - The Secret Snowy Mountain Training

15B - Ramenman's Great Rage

16A - Let's Go! Battle Style

16B - There it is! The Human Rocket

17A - Robin's Dreadful Finisher!

17B - The Course of Death

18A - The Electric Hellish Message

18B - Will Kinnikuman Comeback?

American Tour Arc

19A - Kinnikuman Flies the World

19B - Hawaii! The Mysterious Kamehame

20A - The 7 Second Fall!

20B - The No Rope Death Match

21A - Kinnikuman One-Shot Fight

21B - Finishing Move: Fuu Rin Ka Zan

22A - The Choujin League Crumbles!

22B - Watch Out, Suguru

23A - The Terrifying Magician Appears

23B - The 4th Killer Technique

24A - Tendon vs. Kinnikuman

24B - The Secret of Skull Bozu

25A - Robin Mask Appears Again

25B - The Great Amazon Canyon Duel!

26A - The Hellish Midair Death Match

26B - The End of Robin Mask

21st Choujin Olympics Arc

27A - The Choujin Olympics Again

27B - The Insanely Strong Rikishiman Appears

28A - The Choujin Sieve Drop

28B - Challenge in the Gasoline Pool

29A - Kinniku Edition: Springtime of Love

29B - Knock Away the Shinkansen

30A - Final Prelim: The Ravine of Falling Choujin

30B - The Deadly Roller Game

31A - Deadly Struggle Before the Goal

31B - The Choujin are Pachinko Balls

32A - Warsman, The Iron Claw

32B - Can You See It!? The Killer Wax Hold

33A - Brocken Jr.'s Challenge

33B - And Here's Kinnikuman's Finishing Move!

34A - The Concrete Death Match

34B - Brocken Jr.'s Fierce Assault

35A - Secret Technique: Great Wall of China

35B - The American-Soviet Choujin Clash!

36A - Benkiman's Trap

36B - Ramenman is a True Choujin

37A - The Sumo Choujin Rikishiman

37B - To the Edge of the Dohyo!

38A - Casket Death Match

38B - The Fighting Machine Choujin

39A - The Deadly Bear Claws

39B - The Scramble Soft Reversal

40A - Mask Removal Death Match!

40B - Ramenman's Oath

41A - Defeat the Palo Special

41B - That's it! The Kinniku Buster

42A - The Day of the Final Battle Arrives!

42B - What is Barracuda's True Identity!?

43A - The Terrible Computer Choujin!

43B - The Torn Mask

44A - The Crucial Kinniku Guard

44B - The Greatest Pinch!

45A - Robin Mask's Revenge

45B - Burning Inner Strength!

46A - 90 Brutal Minutes! The Single Round Match

46B - Do You Give Up, Kinnikuman!?

47A - The Blazing Spirit Calls for a Miracle!!

47B - An Historic First! V2

Seven Akuma Chojin Arc

48A - The Seven Akuma Choujin Appear!!

48B - Meat is Separated

49A - The Akuma Choujin Series Begins

49B - The Hellish SteCase King

50A - The Devil's Symphony

50B - Secret Technique! The Three Minute Killer

51A - Akuma Choujin Black Hole

51B - The Terrible 4D Wrestling

52A - The Shadow Hitmen Clone Technique!

52B - Is He Alive or Dead!? The Pit of Darkness

53A - I Did It!! The Yellow Hole

53B - I am Forever Immortal!!

54A - The Idol Choujin vs. The Akuma Choujin

54B - Attack, Akuma Choujin!!

55A - The Dreadful Devil Slinky

55B - The Great Underwater Tactics

56A - The Dreaded Mummy Package!!

56B - The Finisher!! Hell Fang

57A - Who is This Mysterious Choujin!?

57B - The Trump Blade: Bear Claws

58A - Spirit of the Revived Human

58B - Double Bear Claws

59A - Terryman Falls into the Ravine

59B - The Mysterious Red Spots!

60A - The Akuma Choujin Blood Bind

60B - The Intense Saint Helens Eruption

61A - Rescue Meat, Kinnikuman

61B - The Mysterious Choujin Mongolman

62A - The Shower of Hell

62B - 10 Million Power at Full Throttle!

63A - The Secret of the Long Horns

63B - Burning Reversals

64A - The Ring is Torn to Shreds

64B - There it is! The Neo Kinniku Buster

65A - The Time Limit is Just Before 1 Second!!

65B - Their Friendship is in the Ring

Golden Mask Arc

66A - The Legendary Golden Mask

66B - The Challenge of the Devil Knights

67A - The Outrageous Crocodile Hell!

67B - Molting Choujin Sneagator

68A - The Atrocious Frill-Necked Lizard!!

68B - Sneagator's True Form

69A - The Silver Mask Comes Like a Miracle

69B - The Life Giving Dohyo Entrance

70A - Planetman's Space Hell

70B - The Seigi Choujin Annihilation?!

71A - Geronimo's War Cry

71B - Chased to the Bottom of Hell

72A - The Deadly Five Story Ring

72B - Junkman's Counterattack!

73A - Are You Looking!? Those Robin Tactics

73B - The Ninja's Binding Spider Web

74A - There it is! The Red Rain of Berlin

74B - Hellish Technique: The Ashura Buster

75A - Both Arms Stolen

75B - Warsman is in Danger!

76A - Terryman Prepares for Death

76B - Geronimo's Fierce Assault!

77A - Killer Technique: The Hell's Pyramid

77B - The Immortal Choujin Spirit

78A - The Mystery of the Golden Mask

78B - Akuma Shogun Appears

79A - The Explosive Hell's Guillotine!

79B - Buffaloman Lives Again!

80A - The Hellish Spider Nest Arrives Like a Storm

80B - The Kinniku Buster is Defeated!

81A - The Ashura Buster is Defeated

81B - Buffaloman's Treason!

82A - Train Extra Hard! The New Finishing Move!!

82B - Direct Hit! Skull Crush

83A - Akuma Shogun is a Hollow Choujin

83B - The Neo Kinniku Buster Explodes

84A - The Explosive Diamond Power

84B - Burning Megaton Punch

85A - Survive the Death Match

85B - The Chairman's Friendship

86A - Kinnikuman vs. Akuma Shogun

86B - The Victory of Justice and Friendship

Dream Choujin Tag Arc

87A - The Dream Tag Tournament

87B - Challenge of the Three Gateways!

88A - Kinnikuman Great Appears

88B - Great Riot! The Hellish Combo

89A - The Dreadful 4D Trap!

89B - Watch Out, Kinnikuman Great!

90A - The Miraculous Muscle Docking

90B - The Terrible Perfect Choujins

91A - The Blood-Spilling Hell's Rotating Screw

91B - The Don Appears

92A - Big the Budo's True Form

92B - Rough Technique! The Robin Special

93A - Remove the Mask

93B - Robin Mask's Counterattack!

94A - A New Terryman is Born

94B - Take This! Hell's Tornado

95A - The Cursed Roller Tactic

95B - The Hellish Sand Ball

96A - Terryman is Back

96B - The Blood-Thirsty Devil Combo

97A - The Explosive Hellish Clothesline

97B - Kinnikuman Great's True Identity

98A - The Semi-Finals Begin!

98B - The Lumberjack Death Match

99A - Terryman's Anguish

99B - Kinnikuman Great Returns

100A - Sunshine Magnum

100B - The Critical Point! The Killer Sleeping Strategy

101A - The Demon Realm Prince

101B - The Dreadful Ashura Fireball Bullets

102A - The Cursed Roller is Defeated

102B - Akuma Shogun is Back!?

103A - The Demonic Spirit Burns Up

103B - Ashuraman Weeps!

104A - The Friendship Combination

104B - Sunshine's End

105A - The Brutal Steel Cage Match!

105B - Watch Out, Mongolman!

106A - The Long Horn is Back

106B - The Mountain Ring Crumbles!

107A - The Pyramid Ring Appears!

107B - Jump for the Hokkaido Sky!

108A - The Mystery of the Pyramid Ring

108B - The Deadly Thunder Sabers!

109A - Buffaloman's Friendship

109B - The Magnetic Cross Bomber

110A - Ramenman Will Not Die!

110B - Kinnikuman's Arm is Taken

111A - The Long Horn of Friendship

111B - The Finals! Sword Death Match

112A - The Limitless Three-Part Match

112B - The Burning Smart Play

113A - Mask Hunt: 30 Seconds Remain

113B - The Explosive Magnetic Crash!

114A - The First Defeat!

114B - Ashuraman's Friendship

115A - The Machineguns are Back!

115B - Mask The End

116A - Look! It's Kinnikuman's Real Face

116B - Neptune King Appears

117A - Terryman is Skewered!

117B - The Friendship Power Comes Like a Miracle

118A - Burning Uneven Parallel Bars

118B - The Mystery of the Apollon Window

119A - Lock the Ancient Graveyard

119B - The Shining Trophy!

Psycho Choujin Arc

120A - The Prince Kinniku-Maru Capsizes

120B - The Psycho Choujin Corps Appears

121A - The Strategist Yama Khan Appears

121B - Transforming Choujin Kareiyasu

122A - Kinnikuman Melts

122B - Great Melee! Where is Mari?

123A - It's Here! The Psycho Jaws

123B - Yama Khan's One-on-One Fight

124A - The Strongest Psycho Warp!

124B - The Seigi Choujin are Forever!

Goku'aku Choujin Arc

125A - The Two Kinnikumans

125B - Protect the Sword of Justice!

126A - The Casket Deliveryman Dirty Baron

126B - The Sparking Hellish Ring

127A - The Dormant Volcano Erupts!?

127B - “Night Fog” Wild Bakuto

128A - The Heinous Bakuto Trump!!

128B - Dirty Baron Lives

129A - The Dreaded 3D Trump

129B - Terryman is Tattered!

130A - Crash! The New Long Horns

130B - Buffaloman Becomes a Demon

131A - Ramenman's Determination

131B - Finishing Move: The Great Guangzhou Water Wheel

132A - Ramenman is Skewered!

132B - Sichuan: The Great Rising Dragon!

133A - Disadvantaged! The Irregular Tag Match

133B - The Giant Kaijuu Sky Devil

134A - Robin Mask's Desperate Situation!

134B - The Thousand-Man Bite of Bull Docky

135A - Brocken Jr. Gets Angry!

135B - A Threat! The Seven Tools of the Shinigami

136A - Watch it! The Single Biggest Match of the Century

136B - Kajiba no Kuso Djikara+α

137A - The Long Horn's Confused Attack!

137B - Whose Hand Wields the Sword of Justice!?

Kinnikuman: Scramble for the Throne

First Round

1 - Disaster of the Planet Kinniku Throne Coronation!!

2 - Pick the Castle Battle Sites! The Plot of the Evil Gods!!

3 - The Gong Rings! The 5-on-2 Showdown

4 - The Dreadful Choujin Hawkman!

5 - Danger! Burning Inner Strength

6 - It's a Miracle! Escape from the Choujin Graveyard

7 - Meat's Great Struggle! Catch that Victory

8 - Is it in Time? Friendship Power at Full Throttle

9 - The Dream is Alive! The Muscle Friendship Union

10 - The Mysterious Light!? Burning Texas Spirit

11 - The Deadly Muscle Revenger!

12 - Stand up, Robin! A Cry from the Past

13 - Dye the White Cape in Scarlet


14 - The Unexpected Rival!? The Choujin Blood Brigade Appears

15 - Saving a Friend! Warsman Returns

16 - Ah! A Rain of Blood Splatters on the Ring

17 - Live or Die!? The Two Friendship Powers

18 - Foe or Friend!? The Two Bikemans

19 - Alive Again! Ramenman Lives!!

20 - The Dreadful Prophecy!? March, 1992...

21 - Just Like the Prophecy Said! The Deadly Battle Road

22 - The Evil Angel!? Split Personality Zebra

23 - Great Explosion!! Burning Friendship Power

24 - Until the Bone Melts! The Capillaria Ray

25 - Farewell! Brocken Burns Out

26 - Can You See It!? This is True Friendship Power!!

27 - That One's Life is Important! This is Friendship!!

28 - The Prophecy Page Burns! Soldier Disappears!!

29 - Little Brother! This is the Muscle Spark!!


30 - The Deadly Special Training! Hurry to the Showdown at Osaka

31 - Choujin Spirit! Never Give Up!!

32 - Wisdom and Courage! The Magic Ring Death Match

33 - Is That It!? The Complete Muscle Spark

34 - The Legendary Blood! The Two Plots that Scream Death

35 - Four Thousand Chinese Years! Pyramid Power

36 - The Choujin Hunter Omegaman Appears!

37 - Find it! The Proof of the Fake Prince!!

38 - An Ally!? We Meet Samurai

39 - Farewell, Noble Robin!

40 - Can You See It!? The Hellish Metamorphosis Choujin

41 - Showdown With Master Kamehame

42 - Bibinba's Confession of Love!?

43 - Message of Love and Death!

44 - The Final Battle! Evil or Justice?

45 - Never Give Up!!

46 - Kinnikuman is Forever!!

Tatakae!! Ramenman

Main Article: List of Tatakae!! Ramenman episodes

Kinnikuman Nisei

Main Article: List of Kinnikuman Nisei episodes


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