• Name: Maxman (マックスマン Makkusu Man) / Pumpinator
  • Homeland: Flag of the United States.svg Atlanta, Georgia, USA
  • Height: 217 (7'1")
  • Weight: 154 (340 lbs)
  • Age: 18
  • Chojin Kyodo: 1,150,000 Power
  • First Appearance: D.M.p Arc/Manga Chapter 8
  • Trademark Technique: Transform Sneaker, Big Boot Impact
  • Submitted by: Hiroshi Matsui (松井大) from Chiba as Max 95 (マックスナインティファイブ)
  • Shadow disguise by: Takashi Hama (濱貴司)
  • Seiyu: Tetsu Inada/Dan Green (US)
  • Techniques:
    • Transform Sneaker: MAXman grabs his shins and bends back, he tucks his head into his torso and becomes a giant sneaker.
    • Frankensteiner: MAXman wraps his thighs around an opponents head he then flips backwards and drives the opponent head first into the canvas. First used against Seiuchin.
    • Big Boot Impact: MAXman throws the opponent into the air facing up, he then jumps above them and uses Transform Sneaker, he places the point of the sneaker on the opponents abdomen and drives them into the canvas impaling them.
The grandson of Sneagator (Shocadile), an old-generation Akuma Chojin that was defeated by
Mantaro's father. He can transform into a Nike Air Max. Kinniku Mantaro fights him after he beats up Seiuchin after Mantaro's match against Tel-Tel Boy at the Nippon Budokan. During the fight, Mantaro figures out that a shoe's worst enemy is stepping in feces.

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