Mercury Charsiuman (魔鬼幽利偉・叉焼男(マーキュリー・チャーシューメン), Mākyurī Chāshūmen) was a character in Tatakae!! Ramenman. He was voiced by Takaya Hashi.


Charsiuman was Victory Ramenman's elder disciple, but because he was not chosen to inherit the Touryuu Gokui Sho he ran away. Several years later he and Ramenman have a showdown, but he is defeated by the Moudatsu Houkai Ken. Though he seems to die, he reappears afterwards and competes in Emperor Wan's Tournament, only to be defeated by Dokuroken Gundam.


  • Senjuu Kujaku Ken (千手孔雀拳, Thousand Hand Peacock Fist)
  • Jinseki Fuusa (人石封鎖, Human Stone Encasement)
  • Sekihei Hachijin (石兵八陣 Stone Sentinel Maze)
  • Nikusaki Hibyou (肉削飛爪, Meat Scraping Flying Claw)

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