Messenger from Planet Kinniku (キン肉星からの使者の巻 Kinniku-sei kara no Shisha no maki) is the third chapter of Yudetamago's manga series Kinnikuman. It was adapted as Episode 1 Part A of the Kinnikuman anime. It introduces most of the initial main cast and is followed by The Man from America.



The Gyudon society is honoring its president, Kinnikuman, when suddenly a UFO crashes right outside the restaurant. It lifts up in the air and begins to play an off-key theme. Kinnikuman plays back, the UFO plays back, and so on and so forth. A beam of light from the spaceship sends down a little boy named Meat, who proclaims that Kinnikuman is the lost Prince of the Planet Kinniku. Kinnikuman is also delighted to hear that he is a superhero, and believes that he can get all the Gyudon he wants from it, but Meat knows it's going to take a lot more than that...


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