Mikhailman before becoming a Robo-Chojin.


Mikhailman, preparing to self-destruct.

A Soviet Choujin who is the husband of Natasha Volkoff and the father of Warsman. Wanting to keep his perfect body forever, Mikhailman went to Dr. Yuri Kopylov and underwent a procedure to become a Robo-Choujin. Natasha did not realize that he had become a robot until she accidentally removed his face plate, but still loves him regardless, even raising a son (Warsman) together, whom inherited the Robo-Chojin gene. Later, when Mikhailman fought against an opponent in a wrestling ring with Natasha watching, he went haywire and kills the opponent and referee with his bear claws. Realizing what he had done, he presses a button hidden on his abdomen and, after saying goodbye to Natasha, self-destructed.


  • Mikhail Volkoff's name is incorrectly spelled "Михаиру Борукофу" on his tombstone. The correct spelling should be "Михаил Волков".


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