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Mister Khamen
  • Name: Mister Khamen (ミスターカーメン)
  • Classification: Akuma Chojin
  • Homeland: Cairo, Egypt Flag of Egypt 1972
  • Age: 3,500
  • Height: 189 cm
  • Weight: 98 kg
  • Chojin Kyodo: 1,300,000 Power
  • Trademark Techniques: Mummy Package, Cartouche Straw, Eldritch Beam, Pharaoh Curse Head, Art of Face Strength, Pharaoh Bone Scattering
  • First Appearance: Seven Akuma Chojin Arc
  • Laugh: "Maki-Maki" (マキマキ~)
  • Seiyu: Ryoichi Tanaka, Koji Totani (ep. 60)

Mister Khamen is an Ancient Egyptian monarch Chojin and a parody of Tutankhamen. He was given one of Meat Alexandria's body parts when they kidnapped him. He fought Brocken Jr. in his match, and was about to win when a mysterious stranger (Mongolman) dropped a smoke bomb into the ring and entered the fight to defeat Mister Khamen, breaking his neck with a Leg Lariat.

Theme Song: Pharaoh's Curse (ファラオの呪い Farao no Noroi) by Junichi Kawauchi and Hideyuki Hori

  • Pyramid Power Death Match Champion
  • Devil of the Nile
  • Mysterious Egyptian Chojin Who Foretells Victory
Fight Record


Mummy Package (ミイラパッケージ Miira Pakkeeji)
Cartouche Straw (カルトゥーシュ・ストロー Karutūshu Sutorō)
Eldritch Beam (怪光線 Kaikōsen)
A paralysis beam emitted from his eyes.
Pharaoh Curse Head (ファラオ・カースヘッド Farao Kaasu Heddo)
AKA Fang Hell (キバ地獄 Kiba Jigoku)
Mister Khamen uses only his head to bite down on the opponent.
Art of Face Strength (顔強の術 Gankyō no Jutsu)
An ancient Egyptian face-hardening technique.
Pharaoh Bone Scattering (ファラオ解骨術 Farao Kaikotsu Jutsu)

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