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Chuchai (チューチャイ, ชูชัย, Chūchai), or Muay Thai Chūchai (ムエタイのチューチャイ, Mue Tai no Chuuchai มวยไทย ชูชัย) as he is sometimes referred, is a character from Tatakae!! Ramenman and one of Victory Ramenman's closest friends. He was voiced by Hori Hideyuki.


Homeland: Thailand Flag of Thailand. A powerful Muay Thai user. In order to feed his starving siblings he participates in Emperor Wong's tournament and meets Ramenman. He appears again as one of Ramenman's comrades and is one of the few to start out as an ally instead of a rival. He possesses the Nikutai Menuki Katana (肉体麺打斬刀, Noodle Body Blade) which chops up enemies bodies like ramen noodles, but he is only ever shown using it once.


  • L Express to Chiang Mai (チェンマイL特急, Chen Mai Eru Tokkyuu)
  • Sayuu Kumo Ken (左右雲拳, Left and Right Cloud Fist)
  • Charanbou (チャランボー)
  • Chuuchai San-dan Geri (チューチャイ三段蹴り, Chuuchai's Third Rank Kick)
  • Spinning Scarecrow of Siam (シャムの回転案山子, Shamu no Kaiten Kakashi)
  • Chuchyai Fukkatsu Kyaku (チューチャイ復活脚, Chuchyai Revival Kick)
  • Kakushi Waza: Gidokutai (隠し技 疑毒体, Hidden Technique: Doubtful Posion Body)
  • Yashi Wari Bat (椰子割り抜刀, Palm Tree Splitting Bat)
  • Emerald Rocket (エメラルドロケット)



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