The Compleat Muscle G

The Muscle G (Gravity) is a technique used by Kinniku Mantaro and a variation of the Kinniku Buster. It was first used during his fight against The Constellation in the Demon Seed Arc (in the anime it is used to defeat Kevin Mask in the Choujin Olympics: The Resurrection).


First he does a standard Kinniku buster, then shifts his opponents body so their face is on his shoulder Mantaro then grabs their legs with his hands and grips their hands with his feet and then descends to the mat doing damage to their face, neck and chest. In the manga the gravity was so intense that it caused his opponents chest to rip open.


It is said by fans that the Muscle G is Mantaro's answer to the Ultimate Scar Buster used by Scarface. Indeed, the two techniques have many similarities, such as using the legs to trap an area of the body that was left free in the original Kinniku Buster, thus making it irreversible.

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